Facts and Statistics

2012 Census Estimates

Texas population: 26,059,203
US State Population Rank: 2nd largest
Percentage of Texans Age 65 and up: 10.5%
Number of Texans Age 65 and up: ~2.7 million

Most Popular Long Term Care Companies in Texas


1) Genworth
2) Mutual of Omaha
3) Mass Mutual
4) Transamerica
5) Northwestern Mutual
6) Prudential
7) MOO
8) New York Life

Long Term Care expenses in Texas (2011): $11.2 billion

While Long-Term Care Insurance is still new to the general market, there is a large and increasing number of people that have seen the various benefits. Many people are taking the time to learn how this type of insurance coverage can help them plan for the future to ensure they have adequate care and can live their life to the fullest.

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