Long Term Care Insurance: Mutual of Omaha

If you’re looking for long term care insurance, Mutual of Omaha has just what you need. Many people are thinking long term and therefore want to protect themselves in the case their income is too high to qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. This prevents the need to rely on your loved ones to support you and cover all expenses as you age.

Protecting Your Assets

With long term care insurance, Mutual of Omaha offers a number of programs available to suit your needs. Whether you need life insurance or disability insurance, you will find a plan and program to suit your needs. You can qualify for home health care in addition to nursing home/assisted living care, and there are also programs that are designed to keep you at home and out of these facilities. We all enjoy being independent, and insurance can help with expenses.

Why is Coverage Needed?

Many are not aware of  the benefits of long term care insurance, and one of the main advantages is you remain independent while receiving the quality care you want and deserve. You can avoid asking family or your children to help with finances or expenses due to not having the money. If you have savings, long term care insurance can help you hang onto that money in case you plan on passing it down.

Long term care insurance Mutual of Omaha offers allows you to have the option to obtain your plan’s benefits in the form of cash or you can opt to have your policy reimbursed for any other expenses you may incur while receiving care. Many find they need some sort of help with medical care as they get older such as with simple day to day tasks.

Purchasing Long Term Care That’s Suitable for You

What you’ll find is there are a number of plans offered with Mutual of Omaha which allows you to have financial security. What is suitable for you may be different for someone else. If you need more coverage your plan will get you care you need at home. You can also customize a policy with several other options that you can purchase to make your package work even more for you.

Many people opt for a long term insurance plan to help leave something to their children. Many people work hard their entire life to build their nest egg and many want to leave something to their grandchildren or children. An insurance plan can help preserve an estate that you want to have passed down.

While this form of insurance is still new to the insurance market, there are a number of people that have seen the many benefits. Many people are taking the time to learn how this type of insurance coverage can help them plan for the future to ensure they have adequate care and can live their life to the fullest. Research is important when choosing a company, and Mutual of Omaha has dedicated centuries to offering adequate coverage even for those on a budget.

Caregivers United Event Planned for June in San Angelo

A Caregivers United event in San Angelo Texas planned for mid-June aims to help Texans better understand the issues surrounding long term care and caregivers in the industry.

Event Details

The event is being held by the Area Agency on Aging and will take place at 11:45 a.m. June 13 at the Concho Valley Council of Governments Training Center. The Training Center is located at 2801 W. Loop 306.

Event seating is limited to 40. To RSVP, call 3252235704 or visit cvcog.org/cvcog/aaa_caregivers_united_reg.php

Topics of Discussion

Brittany Schroeder, Better Living for Texans Extension assistant at Texas A&M AgriLife, will speak on “Dining at the Dollar Store.”

According to its website, “Better Living for Texans (BLT) is a statewide nutrition education program that serves 217 of the 254 counties in the state of Texas. Since 1994, BLT has served the state’s residents through teaching nutrition-related concepts focusing on comparing prices, healthy menu choices, MyPlate, preparing healthy meals, and the importance of physical fitness”.


The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is one of 28 local agencies in Texas that is included in the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). The goal of the agencies is to provide seniors, specifically people ages 60 and older, and their caregivers with the information they need to find local resources and assistance.

Caregivers United is an organization created by Frank Broyles, a man who was impacted by Alzheimer’s when his wife was diagnosed with the disease. Their website states that they “are a dedicated group of caregivers who have come together to help bring support, stories, tips and more to the online community.”

The Issue of Caregiving 

80% of long term care received around the nation is unpaid care. This means that the majority of caregivers in the United States are simply family members or friends of loved ones who have come down with a debilitating condition like a stroke, Alzheimer’s, or obesity. When someone requires help with daily activities like eating, cooking, bathing, or getting around, the services provided to them are considered long term care services.

Long Term Care Insurance helps cover the costs of these long term care services, so your family is not burdened even more by the high price of long term care. Long Term Care Insurance will even cover services provided in your home, as long as the care is provided by a licensed health professional. Take the burden off of your children and invest in Long Term Care Insurance. If you have substantial assets to protect, buying a Long Term Care Insurance policy is a sensible financial move. Read more about who should buy LTCI and why.