Foster Home Program Allows Texans to Remain in Community

The likelihood that we will need some form of long-term care services only increases as we age. For most people, nursing homes and long term care facilities are a last resort.

The majority of people would rather receive care at home than move into a facility, away from their families and other loved ones. Fortunately, a relatively new program in Texas allows veterans to receive long term care at medical foster homes throughout their community.

Long Term Care Foster Homes

The Veterans Affairs Medical Foster Home program is made possible by supplemental funding to Veterans Affairs centers throughout the United States. According to a September press release, the program began in Tarrant County just a few months ago.

Beginning in 2008, the foster home program provides veterans with an option other than living at home alone or moving into a long-term care facility. Though many older individuals would prefer to live at home as opposed to moving into a nursing home, families and loved ones often fear for their safety and wellbeing when they live alone, especially if they have mobility problems.

Moving into a nursing home, however, is often the last thing that people want to do because it takes them away from their community and often increases feelings of isolation. This new program allows them to remain in their community among their loved ones, receiving care from a local caregiver.


The North Texas Health Care System is seeking caregivers interested in joining the program and helping local veterans receive the care that they need. Caregivers must agree to provide constant supervision, as well as accept and partake in the veteran’s medical care plan.

Veterans might need care for the rest of their lives, so caregivers are expected to be prepared for a long term stay and provide any personal assistance that might be needed.

The Veterans Affairs press release encourages anyone interested in becoming a foster home caregiver to contact Joyce Sanders-King at 817-730-0335 or Czarvitto Rogers at 817-730-0268.

Planning for Care

Long term care can be an intimidating change for many, but this new program eases the transition and helps people feel comfortable and happy in their new care setting. Read more about the use of family caregivers for long term care or how to best plan for long term care.