New Long Term Acute Care Facility Opens in Round Rock

A new long term acute care facility opened in Round Rock this week. Cornerstone Healthcare’s newest facility began operations a Monday, less than 1 year after breaking ground.

Growing Need

Ranked the 2nd fastest growing city of more than 100,000+ nationwide, the city of Round Rock has still been without its own long term acute care facility. The closest are in downtown Austin and Temple.

Recognizing a need for this type of care in the area and supported by the city Chamber, Cornerstone began working late last year on construction. The 60,000-square-foot facility holds 54 beds and caters to those who are too sick to enter a regular long-term care facility but need acute care for longer than the average hospital stay.

Most hospital stays last no more than 1 week, but at a long term acute care facility, the average stay is closer to 1 month.

The Process

“Cornerstone has a long-term commitment to the Central Texas market. Our new hospital in Round Rock, together with our existing hospital in Austin, is a critical element in our strategy to be the leading provider of complex acute care services in Austin, Round Rock and surrounding communities,” stated David Smith, President of Cornerstone in a press release.

Plans are in place to expand the facility to 72 beds when the need arises, and room has been left for those new spaces. During construction, the facility was built using local materials. It provides a warm, open setting replete with natural light, something often missing in many hospitals and long term care homes.

The new hospital is located on College Park Drive, adjacent to Texas State University and the Texas A&M Health Sciences Center. It is expected to create 85 new jobs in the community within the first year, increasing to 110 the second year.

Rapid Changes

As the state of Texas ages rapidly, the number of seniors continues to increase at a greater number than most other generations. Preparing for the huge influx of both acute care and traditional long term care patients is important to both the state’s economy and ability to care for its older citizens.

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