The Best Cities for Retirement in Texas

Finding the best cities to retire to isn’t always easy. Fortunately, MarketWatch frequently compiles a list of the greatest cities in a certain state for retirement and has done so for Texas.

Retiring in Texas

Texas is a great state for retirement for a number of reasons. The warm weather, lack of a state income tax, and low cost of living make it a hugely appealing place for retirees to spend their Golden Years. If you already live in Texas or are considering moving to Texas once you leave the workforce, consider these four cities, which were listed in the recent MarketWatch “Retire Here, Not There” Texas edition as the best retirement spots in the state.


Austin is a quirky, unique city filled with lots of character. You will see every type of person in Austin and it seems like every one just gets along! The downtown area, home to the University of Texas at Austin, is filled with shops and fun activities for people of all age to enjoy. The city is known for its live music scene and massive amounts of good food. There are plenty of hiking and bike trails that surround the city and offer great spots to relax in the woods after a busy night downtown. The median cost of a home is $196,200 and the city population is 767,250.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a beach city on the Gulf of Mexico that is a perfect retirement spot for those who love to dig their feet in the sand. The city has more than 100 miles of beaches and is also home to a bustling downtown area with shops, museums, and more restaurants than you could ever want! The five golf courses in the area and major hospital system make it ideal for a retirement spot, since besides the leisure, it also boasts a reliable medical system, which is important to retirees. It’s quite humid in the summer, like any town on the water, but has a wonderful vibe that attracts tourists and retirees alike. The median home cost is $103,500 and the city population is 287,641.


Georgetown is similar to Austin, but on a much smaller scale. It’s a popular cultural center known best for the gorgeous red poppies than bloom annually in Spring. The city is home to a large number of historical homes, which adds to the charm. There are quite a few parks, biking, and hiking trails, and fishing is a popular activity in the area. The median home cost is $215,000 and the city population is a mere 44,762.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and it’s full of history to go along with the size. The city is the spot of the Alamo and many other historical sites that draw tourists from around the nation. Because of its Mexican history, it’s quite culturally diverse. River Walk, a five mile walking path beside the river, is one of the city’s most beloved spots and hosts a great deal of events year round. Because of the history, there is quite a large tourist season. The median home cost is $105,600 and the city population is 1,321,692.

Lone Star State

Texas has a host of benefits for retirees and the warm weather is just the beginning! Austin is home to the fastest growing pre-retiree population and is currently rated one of the top retirement cities in most lists published. There is something for everyone when it comes to Texas, though, so consider living your days out in the big, beautiful state that so many call home.

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