Choosing the Right Long Term Care Facility

When it comes to long term care, knowing how to choose the best facility can be difficult. If you are short on time, it can be even harder. Fortunately, there are some ways to ensure that the facility you choose will provide the most appropriate care setting and quality care before you make your final decision.

Do Your Research

I cannot emphasize this enough: do your research. long term care texasWhen you begin looking at facilities or home care services, take the time to look into their background, history, and reputation. If there are online reviews, what do they say? Check out the website and determine what specific services they offer and whether or not those match what you are looking for.

For most people, the closer the facility to their loved ones, the better. So whether you are looking for yourself, a friend, or family member, do your best to find facilities that aren’t too far away. It makes visiting easier and it will help the care recipient feel as though they haven’t been totally removed from their own community where they spent so much of their time.

Make sure you understand the differences between a nursing home and assisted living facility. A nursing home involves around-the-clock care with medical supervision and is for those who have more severe needs. An assisted living facility is for those who are still fairly independent, but need some minimal supervision in case of a medical emergency, like a bad fall. If you or your loved one would prefer to stay at home, look into in-home health care services, which are now the most common form of long term care and the most preferred. Find a licensed care provider that has experience in long term care.

Once you have picked a few facilities, talk to people in your community. Most people have had at least one person in their life receive long term care, so if you can find people who have anything to say about your choice of facilities, their experience will help you immensely.


Arguably the most important part of finding a good facility is visiting. You need to make sure they really do offer what they say they do, and you can’t do that without seeing it for yourself.

If possible, visit a few different times: during the week, on the weekend, in the morning, at night, to see if anything changes throughout the day. This will help you get a good grasp of what life at the facility is really like and whether or not it is the right pick.

Long Term Care

Going through these steps can be time consuming and difficult, especially if you aren’t sure of exactly how to analyze the safety and quality of care at each facility. For those who have long term care insurance, another option is typically provided. With most new long term care insurance plans, the benefit of Care Coordination is included.

Care Coordination involves a Care Coordinator, typically a nurse or other health professional, who helps you arrange all the details of your care. From identifying your needs to working with the insurance company, Care Coordination makes it much easier on you, the claimant, to focus on the things that matter most, like spending quality time with your loved ones during this time of crisis.

Care Coordinators often suggest nearby facilities or care services, which can be a big help to you. With some long term care insurance plans, the Care Coordinator will even visit the facility and perform a safety assessment to determine whether or not the location meets a number of safety and quality criteria. Though many people are often unaware of the Care Coordination benefit when they purchase their long term care insurance policy, we often hear that it is the most beneficial part of the whole plan. It takes much of the stress off of you and gives the planning of details over to someone who has experience with this type of situation.

Choosing a Facility

Choosing the right long term care facility can be difficult, but with some thought out research and a few visits, the process will become much simpler. Long term care insurance can help, too, so if you haven’t yet looked into purchasing a policy, now may be the time.

Read more about long term care insurance or fill out this form and we will send you a personalized quote for the top rated companies for you to review on your own time and see whether or not it is right for you.

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